September 2016

Moving Through Utah


Fourth-grade teachers, along side Nebo School District's Dance Specialist Melanie Fillmore, used dance and movement to introduced the three regions of Utah: Rocky Mountain, Great Basin, and Colorado Plateau.

Subtraction Bowling

Mrs. Hooley

Strike, Spare, Gutter ball!  Mrs. Hooley's second-graders went subtraction bowling.  Each player rolled the ball at cups and knocked down as many as they could.  Then they subtracted the number knocked down from 10.  A great time was had by all!

Book Fair


The Book Fair is now open and will run through Friday. Come on in and check out what we have! Lots of books for all ages.

I Danced at School Today!

Melanie Fillmore

Salem Elementary participates in the GAINS program: Growing Arts In Nebo Schools. Each year a Fine Arts specialist works with the teachers of Salem Elementary to help integrate the arts into the classroom curriculum. This year we have a dance specialist, Melanie Fillmore, working at our school.

Today students got to explore opposites through movement; stop/go, fast/slow, and high/low. Also, teachers got some great ideas to implement in their classrooms.

Early Out Day


Just a friendly reminder that today is Teacher Development Day and school will be dismissed at 12:00.

Third-Grade Types

Mrs. Lynn

One of the cool things about 3rd Grade is we learn how to type. It has been awesome having access to Chromebooks in our classrooms!