School News

Country Reports


Mrs. Lewis’ sixth-graders are learning about many different countries around the world. Students were asked to find four sources and write a two page report on their country, and then asked to prepared a presentation to share with their classmates. Students worked really hard, spending around two months on the whole process, and they all did a fantastic job. 

Fourth Grade Field Trip


Fourth-graders had a blast on their field trip a couple of weeks ago.  They went bowling and then attended a show at Bean Museum where they learned about the ecosystems in Utah.  It was a fun way to build character and friendships, as well as review the plants, animals, and environments of Utah.

Rubiks Cube Challenge


Congratulations to Aaron Snow for winning the annual Salem Elementary Rubik's Cube Challenge.  Runner ups were Hank Bufmack and Emma Ashcraft.  Way to go and good job to all who participated.

Science Fair


Fifth-graders at Salem Elementary recently participated in the Fifth Grade Science Fair.  Science fairs are a great way for students to take an active role in science. Fifth-graders used the Scientific Method to help them in understanding and expanding their knowledge of a specific science topic of their choice.  Many hours were spent researching and developing their presentations.  Students were able to present their scientific findings to students at the school during the day, and then to their parents later that evening.

Fossil Dig!

These cute paleontologists in training test out their fossil digging skills by using a toothpick to carefully dig out the chocolate chips from a cookie.  Best part is, these "fossils" are edible.  Yum!

Valentine's Day


February news would not be complete without pictures from the Valentine's Day celebrations here at school.  So here is a little throw back Thursday to Valentine's Day!

Classified Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Daunis Wright for being awarded as our Classified Employee of the Year.  Daunis has worked at Salem Elementary for several years.  Salem faculty and staff appreciates all of her hard work in our leveled library with keeping it organized and running smoothly.  We want to say thank you and congrats to Daunis on this well deserved award!  

Fourth Grade Hoe Down


Oh Johnny Oh! and the Boot Scootin' Boogie were just a few of the dances that fourth graders shared with their parents at their Fourth Grade Hoedown Dance Night.   A lot of smiles were seen while both students and parents tore it up on the dance floor with a little heel toe doce doeing.  It was a much anticipated event and ended up being a very special night indeed.

Engineering and Technology Fair


 UVU School of Education students visited Salem Elementary school to facilitate a Engineering and Technology Fair for our fifth and sixth graders.  Students learned a lot and had so much fun participating in a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) actvities.