September 2016

I Read to You! You Read to Me!

Mrs. Van Ausdal

It is always more fun to read with a buddy!  Once a week, fourth graders visit their kindergarten reading buddies.  Kindergartners look forward to hearing stories read to them by their buddy, and fourth-graders absolutely enjoy reading to them.  Its hard to tell just who enjoys the experience more; pretty sure it's a win-win for both.



Kindergarteners love observing the life cycle of a butterfly and celebrated the miracle by setting their butterflies free.  

Story Telling Festival

Pam Lynn

Once upon a time, Salem Elementay third-grade students, took a magical journey to Provo Canyon to attend the Story Telling Festival.  Studnets enjoyed wonderful stories, and some even got to participate as well.  After a fun day, students traveled back to school to their happily ever after. The End