February 2015

Star Award Assembly: January

JANUARY star awards

Kindergarten: Sofie Dietz, Isabella Fisher, Swazie Wilson, Kaela Cordner, Lincoln Tibbs, Clayten Farley

First Grade: Aidon Hawkins, Luke Esplin, Lane Holley, Julia Walker, Brock James, MaKenna Marshall, Lydia Lamb, Ty Ware, Mason Hansen, Luke Clark, Kennedy Chase, Braxton Johnson, Akasha Miller, Zach Davis, Ethan Vidoni, Nicole James, Marjorie Morley, Ally Wybrant

Second Grade: Olivia Hawkins, Cheyenne Robinson, Gage Hickman, Hayden Banks, Spencer Rigby, Macy Ford

Kindergarten Grandparent's Day

Salem Elementary Kindergarteners invited their grandparents to come to school with them for Grandparents Day.  It is such a fun day for Kindergarteners.  They are so excited to have the opportunity to be the 'teacher' and teach their grandparents some of the things they do each day at school.  Grandparents are always amazed at how much their grandchild knows and has learned in Kindergarten!  A lot has changed since they were in kindergarten!

Star Cards: December

Congrats to the following students who earned Star Cards: Michael Critchfield, Kayleb Jackson, Caden Higginson, Cameron Wood, Denver Spanheimer, Mitchell Van Orman, Ericka Dawson, Katelyn Nixon, Maylee Cushing, Hannah Beecher, Cheyenne Robison, Averi Prior, Klaire Coburn, Kenya Campbell, Macy Ford, Gage Hickman, Nathan Thorne, Josie Button, Scout Sumner

Fourth Grade Dance Night

 Oh Johnny Oh! and the Boot Scootin' Boogie were just a few of the dances that fourth graders shared with their parents on their Fourth Grade Dance Night.   A lot of smiles were seen while both students and parents tore it up on the dance floor with a little heel toing and doce doeing.  It was a much anticipated event and ended up being a very special night indeed.