December 2014

Turkey Gobbling Assembly

Every year it is a tradition for Salem Elementary to hold a Turkey Gobbling contest. There are two categories, gobble and gobble/strut combo, in which students can compete.  Grade level winners each took home a pumpkin pie! We definitely had a great time this year!!  We thank Miss Salem, Officer Kirby, and Mr. Welburn for judging the contest.

Fifth Grade Night at the Museum

Hard working 5th graders at Salem Elementary were on station and ready to come to life to present their annual “Night at the Museum” for parents and the community. This culminating activity had started a month and a half earlier, as each fifth grade student chose a famous person from history and then researched so they could do a biographical account on their famous person.

Halloween Parade

It was a "Boo"-tiful Halloween Day in Salem,  as the spooks, both students and teachers, paraded around our school and the city block.

Star Cards: November


Congratulations to the following students for earning Star Cards: Brynn Bailey, Andrea Johnson, Sydney Murdoch, Tagger Johnson, Ben Curley, Hannah Beecher, Tobias Boothe, Cayd Prior, Keira Atwood, Kayleb Jackson, DJ Hoffman, Titan Marler, Weston Harry, Gage Whitehead, Zeke Ruelas, Jevin Pearce, Madison Rumsey, Austin Marshall, Stefan Allan, Landon Lovell, Koula Hughes, Grace Ashton.