February 2019

Valentine's Day

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February news would not be complete without pictures from the Valentine's Day celebrations here at school.  So here is a little throw back Thursday to Valentine's Day!

Classified Employee of the Year

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Congratulations to Daunis Wright for being awarded as our Classified Employee of the Year.  Daunis has worked at Salem Elementary for several years.  Salem faculty and staff appreciates all of her hard work in our leveled library with keeping it organized and running smoothly.  We want to say thank you and congrats to Daunis on this well deserved award!  

Fourth Grade Hoe Down

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Oh Johnny Oh! and the Boot Scootin' Boogie were just a few of the dances that fourth graders shared with their parents at their Fourth Grade Hoedown Dance Night.   A lot of smiles were seen while both students and parents tore it up on the dance floor with a little heel toe doce doeing.  It was a much anticipated event and ended up being a very special night indeed.

Engineering and Technology Fair

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 UVU School of Education students visited Salem Elementary school to facilitate a Engineering and Technology Fair for our fifth and sixth graders.  Students learned a lot and had so much fun participating in a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) actvities.

7th Grade Registration

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Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 27, Salem 6th Grade students will be transported by bus to the Salem Junior High for the 7th Grade Registration Assembly. 

A packet of registration paperwork will be sent home with your child and will need to be completed and turned into his/her teacher by the morning of Friday, March 8.   

Kindergarten Registration is Moving to Summer

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Kindergarten registration, traditionally held in March, will be moved to the summer and combined with grades 1st -12th. More detailed information regarding summer registration for K-6th will be sent out to you before the end of the school year.

Parents can prepare now for registering their kindergarten children by making sure they have a birth certificate and that their child is current on the following immunizations: DTap, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Polio, Varicella and MMR by the end of July.  

Happy President's Day!

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Kindergarten has been learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln during the month of February. We learned how they helped build and unify our nation, the money we find these Presidents on, why we celebrate Presidents Day, and made a three cornered hat like George Washington. Happy Presidents Day!