November 2016

Turkey Gobbling Assembly

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Every year it is a tradition for Salem Elementary to hold a Turkey Gobbling contest. There are two categories, gobble and strut, in which students can compete.  Grade level winners each took home a pumpkin pie! We definitely had a great time this year!!  Also, thanks Mrs. Houghton for showing us how it is done!

This year Gobble winners were: Jacoby Hall, Owen Lazenby, Braxton, Lydia Lamb, Dom Jex, Trevor Lamb, and Cache Crouch.

The strut winners were: Jamie Nelson, McKenna Wilson, Emmet, Brinley Baum, Breah Morris, Elaina Moreno, and Trey Smith.

Fifth Grade Night at the Museum

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Hard working 5th graders at Salem Elementary were on station and ready to come to life to present their annual “Night at the Museum” for parents and the community. This culminating activity had started a month and a half earlier, as each fifth grade student chose a famous person from history and then researched so they could do a biographical account on their famous person.

Star Cards

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Congratulations to the following students for earning Star Cards in October: Danica Hughes, Braxton Ficklin, Evelyn Nielson, McKenna Wilson, Ryan Rhodes, Tyler Watson, Easton Pruitt, Addie Chase, Jamisen Doherty, Avery Miner, Chase Spencer, Lucias Holman, Scout Morgan, Leah Murdock, Brooklyn Burk, Brooklyn Roth, Adam Crouch, Cody Kolba, Rylee Osburn, Wyatt White, Ambree Jacobsen, Ethan Peterson, Trae Johnson, Aspyn Lynn, Max Tervenen, Paige Bagshaw, Noah Whiteman, Drexton Brower, Micah Anderson, Elaina Moreno, Ethan Lazarte

Reminder...Night at the Museum

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Just a reminder that the Fifth-Grade Night at the Museum will be held tomorrow, November 17 from 5:30-6:30, in the hallways of our school.  Parents are invited to come out and support our students.  It will also be going on Friday morning from 9:00-11:30 for other grade levels to see.


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To encourage physical fitness with our students, the PTO plans monthly activities to show kids fun and different ways to exercise. Thank you to our awesome PTO and Angela Nielsen for teaching us Zumba this time! The kids had a blast and really worked up a sweat.   

Veteran's Day

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Salem Elementary students learn about and pay tribute to our Veterans in a Veteran's Day Assembly.   We thank our Veterans, and all the men and women who are now serving our country, for their sacrifice so that we may enjoy our freedom each and every day.

Agriculture in the Classroom

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Belva Parr, from University of Utah's Agriculture in the classroom, visited second grade classes.  Agriculture in the Classroom is a program with a goal to teach Utah students about the agriculture in our state.  It offers teachers integrated lesson plans that correlate with and meet core curriculum standards.  It is this program that helps put on the Farm Field Day field trip that students recetly attended. Thank you to Ms. Parr for coming in and helping our students learn about and appreciate agriculture in our state.

Just Jumpin

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It was an exciting morning at Salem Elementary, as Just Jumpin jump roping team performed for our school.  With cool tricks and routines performed to some of the most popular music on radio, students were amazed and completely entertained.  

We also discovered some talent here within our own school ;)  Thank you Just Jumpin for coming to our school and sharing your talent with us.


Emergency Responders Visit for Red Ribbon Week

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Life Flight and Salem City's emergency responders visited our school's playground for Red Ribbon Week. Students were filled with excitement while anticipating the arrival of Life Flight.  Then, what an awesome sight it was, to watch the helicopter actually land on our school's field.  After it landed, students got an up close look at the helicopter and were able to learn a few facts about Life Flight.  Then at lunch, Salem City brought a fire truck, amublance, and police cars for students to see.

Red Ribbon K-9 Assembly

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Salem Elementary students were introduced to Salem City's K-9 unit Officer Greg Smith and his dog MJ, as well as Utah County Sherriff Officer Justin Gordon and his k9 drug dog Blitz.  They demonstrated how they work together to keep our community safe.  Blitz and MJ are both full of energy and very playful, but will instantly drop any play toy to respond to the command of their partner.  They showed us how they can work together to sniff out drugs.  They also showed us how Blitz, upon command, will protect his partner from a bad guy.