October 2016

A Scary Reminder...

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Monday, October 31st will be our "kick-off" for Red Ribbon Week.  The theme for Monday will be "SAY BOO TO DRUGS".  Students may wear their Halloween costumes all day.  Please no masks or weapons.

The Halloween parade will begin at 1:45.  We will parade around the block (weather permitting).

The a.m. kindergarten parade will begin at 9:00.  The will be creeping through the halls of the school only.

Have a great weekend!

Fall Fun

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Mrs. Cowan's and Mrs. Springer's class enjoy the beautiful fall leaves at Rock Canyon Park.

Say Boo to Drugs!

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Red Ribbon Week will be held Monday, October 31 through Friday, November 4.  Salem Elementary has a lot of fun activities planned for each day of the week.  These activities include a k-9 assembly presented by Salem Police Department, and a safety day which will include emergency vehices and personnel (both land and air).  There will be an exciting jump rope assembly to promote fitness, as well as dress up days combined with themes.  

Monday: Say Boo to Drugs-students wear Halloween costumes.

Tuesday: Dress like your teacher


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Kindergartners learned about safety at the Salem City Fire and Police Stations.

Fourth Grade Visits Cemetery

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Fourth graders walked up to the Salem City Cemetery last week to participate in several learning activities. Students used subtraction to solve and find how many years people lived, looked for people who had served in the military, and also tried to find the person who was born the earliest in history.  

Students observed the plants and animals that they saw, as well as the weather and clouds.  They also looked for unique designs on headstones and did pencil rubbings.


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After learning about the regions and landforms in Utah, the fourth-grade students made a representation of our state using salt dough.  Thanks to our parents for helping make the dough!