November 2015

Turkey Gobbling Contest

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Every year it is a tradition for Salem Elementary to hold a Turkey Gobbling contest. There are two categories, gobble and gobble/strut combo, in which students can compete.  Grade level winners each took home a pumpkin pie! We definitely had a great time this year!!  We thank Miss Salem and attendants, Officer Kirby, and Coach Haney for judging the contest


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The fourth graders have been learning able preserved organism fossils. They have learned about how they are formed in ice, tar, and amber. They used there art skill of texture to replicate a preserved insect fossilized in tree sap.

Jump Roping

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Thanks to the PTO for oragnizing a fun day of jumproping, showing us it is fun to stay active and be fit.

Fifth Grade Night at the Museum

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Hard working 5th graders at Salem Elementary were on station and ready to come to life to present their annual “Night at the Museum” for parents and the community. This culminating activity had started a month and a half earlier, as each fifth grade student chose a famous person from history and then researched so they could do a biographical account on their famous person.

Utah's Story: Native Americans

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Fourth graders have been learning that the history of Utah has been shaped by many diverse people, events, challenges, and ideas. People came to the land now known as Utah for many reasons, and from many different places around the world. The story of Utah includes Native Americans.  

After studying about Utah's native tribes, students enjoyed a Native American presentation where they were able to see first hand some of their customs and traditions.

As a culminating activity, students made looms to weave a belt of their own.


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Orders for the cookie dough fundraiser are now due.  Please return orders and money to the office.  Thank you!