October 2015

K9 Assembly

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Today, Utah County Sherriff Officer Gordon and his k9 drug dog Blitz, demonstrated how they work together to keep our community safe.  Blitz is full of energy and very playful, but will instantly drop any play toy to respond to the command of his partner Officer Gordon.  Officer Gordon and Blitz showed us how they can work together to sniff out drugs.  They also showed us how Blitz, upon command, will protect his partner from a bad guy. Thanks to Officer Bell for being the bad guy, and officer Christensen for assisting during the assembly.

Crazy Hair Day

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Salem Elementary was in a 'hairy situation' yesterday as the continue to support Red Ribbon Week with crazy hair day. It was fun to see all of the creative hairdos from all of the students and staff. Thank you parents for helping our students be involved!

Is There a Doctor in the House?

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Mrs. Hooley's 2nd grade class preformed contraction surgery.  The students put on their gloves and masks and used scalpels (scissors), and stitches (tape) to fix up their two words and turn them into contractions.  When they were done with their surgery, the doctors wrote prescriptions for their patients, using the new contractions.  The prescription let the patients know what the could do and what they should avoid.  It was a fun time!

Halloween Read-a-thon

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Salem Elementary will be holding the first reading reward activity, a Halloween read-a-thon, on Thursday, October 29.  Students attending the read-a-thon are allowed to bring a pillow and/or blanket, but no pajamas.

Students qualify to go to the read-a-thon by reading at home and turning in their minutes to their teachers.  If you have any questions, contact your student's teacher.

Halloween Parade

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Our school Halloween Parade will be on Friday at 2:30.  If the weather is nice we will parade around the block.  Spread the word!  You won't want to miss all the cute little spooks.