April 2015

Fifth Grade Field Trip

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Fifth graders had a fun day while visiting Camp Floyd.  Students learned about the history of Camp Floyd and participated in several activities teaching them about day to day life there. Students learned what it was like to be a students living at that time as well as participated in other fun activities such as making candles and adobe bricks.

Star Award: March

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Congrats to the following students for earning their Star Award:


Kessley Davies, Kevan Thorne, Ellie Prior, Sophia Hughes, Colton Cushing, Sophie Thompson , Madison Davis, Katie Carlisle, Abigail Patrick, Ella Harward, Abigail Kelly, Jesse Button, Jubal Tate, Caleb Anderson, Eli Hansen, Greyson Kolba, Redell Robinson, Haylie Cook, Nikale Cornaby, Aly Johnson, Isaac Johnson, Olivia Sears, Audree Stokes, Samantha Golding, Lilly Rolfe, Ty McBride, Dixie Thatcher, Paisley Morgan

Fifth Grade Science Fair

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The 5th graders did a fantastic job with the Science Fair. They planned and executed excellent projects, and presented them to parents and students. The students had fun and learned a lot through the Science Fair experience.

Kindy 500

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Salem Elementary's kindergarten students excitedly showed up to school, sporting their new cars.  Their cardboard, Kindy 500 Cars, that is.   Students then drove their cars through the hallways of school, making several stops throughout the day, to learn about many of our Nation's memorials and patriotic symbols.  Students had a wonderful time on their road trip, visiting Lincoln Memorial, The Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, Mt. Rushmore, a Bald Eagle, and more!  Students were especially excited for the soveniers that they were able to take home.