January 2015

Star Cards: December

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Congratulations to the following students for earning a star card during the month of December: Abbie Fillmore, Eric Luckau, Grace Ashton, Titan Marler, Weston Harry, Jevin Pearce, Gage Whitehead, Marshall Scott, Marshall Peterson, Kayleb Jackson, Katelynn Patrick, Janine Allan, Josh Barratt, Jackson Eyre, Troy Thatcher.

Christmas Assembly

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Salem Elementary's Christmas Assembly is a fun tradition that is always much anticipated by all students. Students sing Christmas songs as a grade level, and the fifth graders play their recorders.   This year the sixth graders performed a dance to Olaf's song "Summer".  This year students were thrilled when Santa dropped in for a surprise visit.  Definitly a great way to show school spirit and spread some holiday cheer.


PTO Delivers Christmas Gifts

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After being asked to make a wishlist of items for their classrooms and/or students could benefit from, teachers received a gift from the PTO.  The gifts included items such as listening center components, art supplies, musical instruments, manipulatives, and much, much more.  Thank you to our PTO for the awesome gifts!