March 2014

Salem Debate Team

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Last night was Salem Elementary's debut debate tournament.  The students had been working hard and had given up much time away from going to specialists.  They researched this years topic of, "The state of Utah should ban the use of plastic grocery bags and disposable water bottles".  They either chose an affirmative or negative point of view.  They debated students from other Nebo schools. Thier hopes were high, but epectations were very low. As scores began to come in, it was clear that they were a talented buch of debaters.

Kindy 500

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On Friday, March 7, Salem Elementary's kindergarten students excitedly showed up to school, sporting their new cars.  Their cardboard, Kindy 500 Cars, that is.   Students then drove their cars through the hallways of school, making several stops throughout the day, to learn about many of our Nation's memorials and patriotic symbols.  Students had a wonderful time on their road trip, visiting Lincoln Memorial, The Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, Mt. Rushmore, a Bald Eagle, and more!

Fourth Grade Dance Night

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 Oh Johnny Oh! and the Boot Scootin' Boogie were just a few of the dances that fourth graders shared with their parents on their Fourth Grade Dance Night.   A lot of smiles were seen while both students and parents tore it up on the dance floor with a little heel toing and doce doeing.  It was a much anticipated event and ended up being a very special night indeed.

Third Grade Spelling Bee

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On Thursday, March 6th, Salem Elementary's Third Grade held it's Spelling Bee.   Congratulations to the following students who are the winners of the 2014 Third Grade Spelling Bee: 1st place- Cole Anderson, 2nd place- Cole Hartline, and 3rd place- Jacob Dietz.

Parents and Pastries

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What is a great way to start the day?  Reading of course!  On March 19th at 8:00 a.m. students are invited to bring their parents and a book to celebrate Parents and Pastries.  Come and join us in the cafeteria to enjoy pastries and read stories with your children.

Kindergarten Grandparents Day

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Salem Elementary Kindergarteners invited their grandparents to come to school with them for Grandparents Day.  It is such a fun day for Kindergarteners.  They are so excited to have the opportunity to be the 'teacher' and teach their grandparents some of the things they do each day at school.  Grandparents are always amazed at how much their grandchild knows and has learned in Kindergarten!  A lot has changed since they were in kindergarten!

Fifth Grade Science Fair

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Fifth-graders at Salem Elementary recently participated in the Fifth Grade Science Fair.  Science fairs are a great way for students to take an active role in science. Fifth-graders used the Scientific Method to help them in understanding and expanding their knowledge of a specific science topic of their choice.  Many hours were spent researching and developing their presentations.  Students were able to present their scientific findings to students at the school during the day, and then to their parents later that evening.