April 2013

Second Grade Farm Field Day

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Second Graders were very excited to visit Harward Farms for Farm Field Days.  Students enjoyed learning about agriculture in our home state of Utah.  We learned that milk comes from dairy cows,  hamburger comes from beef cows, eggs come from chickens, wheat grows in a field and is harvested and ground into flour, wool comes from sheep and is used to make clothing, and much, much more!   It was a fun day on the farm indeed!

Ronald McDonald Assembly

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Ronald McDonald visited Salem Elementary and performed some outrageously, funny magic tricks!  While performing his magic he talked to students about good test taking skills to prepare them for the end of year tests.  Chloe Peterson was called up to help assist Ronald in one of his magic tricks.  He asked her to pick a balloon out of the hat.  After several attempts Chloe kept coming out empty handed.  Ronald talked about how sometimes you just have to slow down and think about it.  He then had Chloe reach into the hat one more time, while taking her time.

Author Visits Salem Elementary

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Students at Salem Elementary were honored to have a Brent Boswell, a children's novelist, visit their school.  Boswell engaged the students with a fun presentation in which he discussed the importance of reading.  He told students that everyone can enjoy reading!  He encouraged students to figure out what it is that they are interested in, and then to read books according to their interests.  He signed and autographed some of his books and gave them out to some lucky students!