January 2013

January Star Award

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Salem Elementary students are given the challenge to work on academic and personal goals throughout the year.  When students complete the required number of goals, students are awarded the Star Award during a school assembly, the first of which was held on January 25th.   During the assembly we were priveleged to hear the kindergarten classes recite the Preamble to the Constitution.  Congratulations to those who earnied the Super Star Award.


Christmas Bells

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Mrs. Clayson's and Miss Savage's class were lucky to have one of their student's mother and grandmother come into their classrooms to enjoy, with the students, some Christmas music.   Students had a wonderful time ringing bells to some of their favorite songs.  It was such a great way to bring music into the classroom and to celebrate the season.

Salem Elementary Star Cards: December

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Star Cards are given to students who are caught doing great things around our school.  These Salem Stars really shine: Karley Slaugh, Jadyn Stewart, McKenzie Beddoes, Daniel Craner, Maria Zavala, Greyson Williams, Kathryn Lyman, Hallie Black, Gavin Rolfe, Mckenzie Saffell, Noah Leidecker, Brigham Nielsen, Stefan Allan, Dalan Stokes, Chloe Peterson, Abby Knudsen, Ethan, McBride, Daniel Lamb, Tessa Hanks, Kensley Noyes.