Walk More In Four Winner

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on

A brand new scooter and helmet was awarded to Kenny Golding, a second grader at Salem Elementary, for participating in the Walk More in Four challenge. After completing the challenge, Kenny's name was entered into a statewide drawing for the prize, and then randomly selected as one of only a few winners.

The UDOT Student Neighborhood Access Program (SNAP)™ team invited students to start the school year on the right foot by participating in their annual statewide walking and biking challengeWalk More in Four.

The Walk More in Four challenge is a program that encourages students to form the habit of walking and biking safely to school at the beginning of the year. To participate, students needed to walk or bike to school at least three days a week during the four weeks in September, or participate by practicing safe walking and biking habits in their neighborhoods if they don’t live close enough to walk or bike to school.

Congratulations to Kenny for completeing this challenge and winning the prize.  I'm sure he will be seen wearing his new helmet while safely riding his new scooter to school!