Turkey Gobbling Contest

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Megan Allen


Every year it is a tradition for Salem Elementary to hold a Turkey Gobbling contest. There are three categories, strut, gobbler, and combo. The winners and participants of the strut and gobbler received a candy bar while the winners of the combo received a turkey! They are judged by grade level.  We definitely had a great time this year!! 

Strut Winners              Gobbler Winners               COMBO Winners1st-Luke                       1st-Adalyn                        1st-Kalie
2nd-Kelsi                      2nd-Jack                           2nd-Jordan
3rd-Brigham                 3rd-Glavin                        3rd-Weston
4th-Sebastian               4th-Carson                       4th-Tucker
5th-Silas                       5th-Alex                           5th-Sheridan
6th-Jacob                      6th-Sean                          6th-Zach

The winner of the Teacher COMBO was Miss Savage.


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