STAR Award: January 2017

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The STAR Award is a set of grade level specific goals that students work towards accomplishing throughout the school year. There are several goals to choose from in the following categories: Academic, Responsibility, Healthy Lifestyle, Service, and Character.  Congratulations to the following students for all of their hard work earning the STAR Award this month.  We also enjoyed the musical number, on the piano, by one of our third graders, Adam Snow.

Kindergarten: Avery Koyle, Braden Adams, Krew Smith, Hadyn Thornock, Gabbie Bacerra, Tinlee Livingston, Bowdey Christensen.

First Grade: MaKenna Mecham, Kaden Johnson, Wesley James, Olivia Warner, Easton Koyle, Kyson Hatfield, Tyson Dansie, Hesston Nelson, Trevin Garlick, McKay Bird.

Second Grade: Dixie Thatcher, Kaela Cordner, Trinli Wilder, Abigail Patrick, Reagan White, Kaylee Grange, Ben Short, Chitra Majumdar, Swazie Wilson, Tyan Smith.

Third Grade: Nicole James, Julie Wilson.

Fourth Grade: Landon Worthen, Macy Ford, Averi Prior, Kendyl Carter, Spencer Rigby, Isaac Spangler, Katelynn Patrick, Troy Thatcher, Hagen Smith, October Morgan, Jaelee Johnson.

Fifth Grade: Kayden Labrum, Cayd Prior, Chase Spencer, Adam Crouch, Addie Chase, Treg Wilder Jr., Josie Button, Elaina Moreno, Cooper Wilson.


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