Spirit Week

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Salem Elementary had a blast with their Spirit Week Feb 29-Mar 2. It was full with crazy sock day, best dress day, Dr. Seuss Day, and of course SCHOOL COLORS!! This year, the students combined Make a Wish Fundraiser with their Spirit Week. They raised monies for a Spanish Fork six-year-old boy, Jacob. His wish is to go to Florida Theme Parks. To accomplish this, they had a Penny War during Spirit Week. Each class had a jar in their room, some teachers hid there's. The purpose is to bring as much pennies through the week to get the most amount, BUT, other students could put other coins or currency to deduct away from their penny total. The winner of this contest was Mrs. Houlthaus 4th grade class. The following Monday they were brought pizza, bread sticks, and pop from Lotsa Motsa!  Jacobs favorite color is blue and favorite cookie, Oreos, so on school color day, their was one student from each class that was chosen for the "most school spirit". The winners recieved a package of Oreo cookies! Want to shout out a big thank you to Carlee Guest (Make a Wish Advocate), Mandie Knudsen and Megan Allen (PTA), and Mrs. Thatcher, for the wonderful photographs!!

Salem Elementary did an AWESOME job at raising $1,944.30 for Jacobs Wish. All within a week!!!

We are all proud of our Salem Elementary Stars!!!


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