Second Graders Visit the Post Office

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Second Graders at Salem Elementary visited the Salem Post Office to mail their "Flat Travelers".  While they were there, the Postmaster took studetns behind the scenes to show them how they get their mail.  

So what about those Flat Travelers?  Students recently finished reading the book Flat Stanley.  In the book, Stanley gets flattened when a bulletin board falls him .  He then travels through the mail to visit his cousins in California.   Students made their own "Flat Travelers" to send around the world.  As their Flat Travelers return to Salem, students will plot the whereabouts on a map and read about the exciting journey in the far away place.  While doing so students will locate different continents and countries on a map and globe, and become more familiar with the world around them.  

Thank you to the Salem Post Office for letting our students visit and for the wonderful tour.

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