Salem: Then and Now

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On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, the Daughters of Utah Pioneer volunteers welcomed Salem Elementary second-graders to Heritage Park, located on the north-west end of Salem Pond.

In second-grade, students learn and examine important aspects of their community and how their community has changed over time.

Second-graders were able to learn and visualize what Salem was like many years ago while visiting Heritage Park. They were able to go inside the old log post office, see what a house might have looked like in Salem when it was first established, and see the old school bell.  Students were fascinated by the wonderful stories told of Salem long ago, and by how different things were then, compared to now.  When students were asked the difference between their homes and the log home from long ago, several students noted that the houses from long ago were a lot smaller, they were made differently, they didn’t have a toilet or sink, and they didn’t have several rooms.

Salem Elementary second- graders now have a deeper understanding and appreciation for their community of Salem, then and now.


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