Salem Elementary's Night at the Museum

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Chris Vest

Salem Elementary's annual 5th grade historical wax museum took on a new twist this year as security guards (fifty grade teachers Cary Abegg, Bob Stutz, and Chris Vest) donned security uniforms and carrying flashlights announced that dusk had fallen and all the historical figures came to life on the night of November 19th.  The students arose to the task with great costuming, backdrops, props and memorizd blurbs and gave the community and patrons of the school exciting biographical accounts of their lives.

A few students this year actually chose famous people with their own first names; Julia Critchfield was Julia Child, Rachel Christensen was Rachel Carson, Jacklyn Wilson was Jacqueline Kennedy.  Other students picked old favorites such as Amelia Earhart, Albert Einstein, Helen Keller, and Cleopatra.  Some new faces this year included Nikola Tesla, Ole Christensen (Lego Inventor), and Heile Gebrselassie (World record holder marathon runner from  Ethiopia) who was portrayed by a newly adopted boy from Ethiopia!  It was a fun night and a great success.  The students, parents, and teachers feel proud of a job well done!