Salem Elementary is Seeking Out Substitute Teachers

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When teachers take off, students still need to learn!  That's why our school, already short on substitute teachers, is looking to increase our pool of reliable subs.  

Being a substitute teacher is a very attractive job if your looking for a way to give back to your community and looking for some flexibility. You are able to choose the number of days a week, and which days you work. Also, Salem Elementary School and it's teachers are prepared to set you up for a positive experience in the classroom.  Teachers leave detailed lesson plans that help to make the day run smoothly, and Salem Elementary has a great staff on hand to answer questions or help out with any problems that may arise.  Finally, we have great students at Salem Elementary who show up each day anxious to learn and wanting to be their best!

If you think substitute teaching is something you would be interested in, you can apply online.  Nebo School District has partnered with Kelly Educational Staffing for all our substitute teacher and technician needs.

To apply, please visit the Utah Kelly Educational Staffing webpage at and then let Salem Elementary know so we can start scheduling you for jobs!










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