Salem Debate Team

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Last night was Salem Elementary's debut debate tournament.  The students had been working hard and had given up much time away from going to specialists.  They researched this years topic of, "The state of Utah should ban the use of plastic grocery bags and disposable water bottles".  They either chose an affirmative or negative point of view.  They debated students from other Nebo schools. Thier hopes were high, but epectations were very low. As scores began to come in, it was clear that they were a talented buch of debaters. While they may have not won the debate, their point totals were respectably high.  We had three teams that placed high enough to advance to the state tournament.  Ava Lord and Emma Dietz won first place affirmative, Tucker Pederson and Alyssa Halcrow won second place affirmative, and Derek Rolf and Taylor Rice won second place negative.  We had 8 students earn high points for their individual performances. This was the success of these students; they did the research, they collected information, they created a speech, they constructed rebuttals, they performed, and they did all of the work.  I am grateful for the opportunity I had to work with them and and extremely proud to be affiliated with them.  

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