Peak Award

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Salem Elementary
Salem Elementary

Greg Allen - Salem Elementary School Nurse
From scraped knees to comforting words, Mr. Allen is a constant source of compassion and care.  He shares his smile and calm demeanor with our students and staff, helping us make informed decisions about our health and safety.  Greg always has time to stop and ask about our wellbeing.  He takes the time to find out about students and staff.  He is known throughout the school for his helpful, positive and upbeat attitude.  He won the hearts of each fifth graders when he participated in the 5th grade Olympics, showing his talent in bean bag throwing.  Greg is always a great resource when students are in need of shoes, eye glasses, a great joke or just someone to listen to them.   We have seen him turn tearful moments into ones of laughter and joy.  The days Greg is at Salem Elementary, the office staff have an extra bounce in their steps as we beep bop around  the office to the eclectic variety of tunes coming from his office.  Greg’s influence goes beyond bandages and hygiene.  He is a role model of kindness, empathy and just a really good guy!  He is not just a school nurse, he is a vital member of our school community.