Kool Kids for November 2009

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Kool Kids from Salem Elementary are chosen each month for demonstrating exemplary acts of kindness.  These students have gone out of their way to serve their classmates and teachers.  They have proved themselves to be hard working and dedicated students. 

These are the Kool Kids for November 2009:

Camille Marble, Brandon Bagdanoff, Ally Smith, Camille Wiscombe, Mason Stiles, Jocelyn Eidem, Jack Parry, Kamri Hancock, Jarett Rogers, Emma Sorensen, Tyler Levie, Emma Dietz, Reed Barrett, Julian Gomes, Logan Limb, McKell Johnson, Tycker Robertson, Galilee Thompson, Haylee bond, Alex Eidem, Connor Weight, Grace Holmgren, Hannah Smith, Bethany Sackett, Conner Kemp, Tadd Knutson, Megan Hart, Alexis Messer, Josh Kitchen, Katie Stutz, Kodi Price, Mitchell Peterson, Jarom Tasker, Zack Robison, Cami Robison, Mikela Marvin, Brailey Johnson, Tyus Parry, Lauren Parker, Kylee Vest, Riley Pierce, Frank Phillipson

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