Kindergarten Happenings

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It was just over three weeks ago that Salem Elementary welcomed a brand new group of Kindergarteners to our school.  In the past three weeks, these little people have already learned and experienced so many new things! To start things off, Mrs. Findlay taught kindergarten students how to “Be Big” by making the world a better, kinder place. We can all make a difference! 

Kindergarten celebrated the season of summer. Parade, sidewalk chalk, roasting marshmallows, observing bugs, and art were part of the celebration. The day ended with families joining us for a picnic on the kindergarten lawn.  

Kindergarten learned about the life cycle of the butterfly and students observe a caterpillar and cocoon in kindergarten.

Kindergarten became familiar with some of the fourth graders at Salem Elementary when they came to help out!

So much to do and so much to learn, we look forward to a fantastic year in Kindergarten!

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