Hearing Screening

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Nebo School District offers free hearing screenings for all Kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 6th grade students each year.  This year, the screenings will be held at Salem Elementary on Tuesday, September 3rd in the morning. Each child in these grade levels will be screened. It takes about 3-5 minutes.

If for any reason your child does not pass this screening, he/she will be rescreened two weeks later.  This is done because in many cases, on the day of the first screening, the child had fluid in the ears, congestion, excessive ear wax, etc.  Many children who failed the initial screening go on to pass the second screening. 

If, however, your child does not pass the second screening, we will let you know.  If this is the case, it is recommended that your child receive a full evaluation, which is offered free of charge through the district.

If for any reason you would prefer your child’s hearing NOT be screened, please email Cammy Peterson, cammy.peterson [at] nebo.edu (cammy[dot]peterson[at]nebo[dot]edu) before August 30th. 

Thank you!


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