Energy with Mrs. Walker's 4th Grade Class

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Kayla Walker
Tuning Forks
Crashing Cars
Shared Writing Experience

Mrs. Walker's fourth grade class had a great time in our STEAM room. They were busy understanding different ways energy is transferred. When they got back to class, they did a shared writing experience. Together the class came up with the following ideas...

"What happens when energy collides? The string tied to the hanger made musical sounds. The energy started as movement and ended as musical sounds. The energy was transferred and came out as sounds. Hitting the table with the tuning fork , the sound will change to movement of the rice. When you hit the tuning forks together it produced a more intense sound. Adding/subtracting energy changed the sound. When toy cars collide the car with the most energy transferred the energy to another car. When energy collides if transfers the energy. "

It is amazing to see what our students are learning during science!