Ballet West

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Salem Elementary had the pleasure of welcoming Ballet West to our school last Friday.  Ballet West is a professional ballet company located in Salt Lake City and ranks amongst the top companies in America.

Student's were amazed with the dancers' abilities, and their performance from the Nutcracker entertained the captive audience the entire time.  But that's not all.  Students were educated about the history of ballet, about some of the movements and positions used in ballet, and some students were even called up onstage for a quick lesson on leaps and spins.

Girls learned to leap by pretending to jump over puddles across the stage.  Boys learned to do a double spin. Somehow, it wasn't quite as easy as the dancers made it look. 

Ballet West sends groups from their company out to schools across the state to teach children about ballet and dance.  Salem Elementary looks forward to their visits, and is always honored to have them in our school.






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