5th and 6th Grade Track and Field Results

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Salem Elementary was well represented by their fifth and sixth graders at their track meet last week.  Good job to all those students who participated, and congratulations to the following students for placing in their events. 

Fifth Grade: 

100 Meters: Boys: 2nd Place- Kevin Mayo

200 Meters: Girls: 2nd Place- Scout Sumner

400 Meters: Girls: 1st Place- Scout Sumner, 2nd Place- Samantha Walker, 3rd Place- Hannah Harris

800 Meter: Girls: 1st Place- Hannah Harris, 2nd Place- Koula Hughes

Long Jump: Girls: 2nd Place- Samanth Walker; Boys: 1st Place- Kevin Mayo

Softball Throw: Girls: 3rd Place- Scout Sumner

4x100 Realy: Girls: 2nd Place- Scout Sumner, Samantha Walker, Elaina Moreno, Ali McBride

                             3rd Place- Hannah Harris, Koula Hughes, Josie Button, Savannah Brinkerhoff

                    Boys: 1st Place- Kevin Mayo, Easton Pruitt, Bret Halliday, Drexton Brower

Sixth Grade:

100 Meter: Girls: 1st Place- Holland Stewart; Boys: 2nd Place: Nolan Miller, 3rd Place: Leo Jensen

200 Meter: Girls: 2nd Place- Holland Stewart; Boys: 3rd Place- Zak Nelson

400 Meters: Girls: 3rd Place-Mylee Jensen;  Boys: 1st Place: Leo Jensen, 3rd Place- Cole Anderson

800 Meter: Girls: 2nd Place- Kallie Christensen, 3rd Place- Miaya Staheli; Boys: 2nd Place- Cole Anderson

Long Jump: GIrls: 1st place- Holland Stewart, 3rd Place: Lucy Moody

Softball Throw: Girls: 1st place- Grace Holley, 2nd Place- Linda Wright, 3rd Place- Aspen Ford

                       Boys: 2nd place-Leo Jensen, 3rd place-Nolan Miller

4x100 Realy: Girls: 1st Place- Holland Stewart, Magalli Stewart, Cadance Grange, Grace Holley, Apsen Ford

                    Boys: 1st Place- Leo Jensen, Nolan Miller, Zak Nelson, Trey Smith

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