3rd and 4th Grade Track and Field Results

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Salem Elementary was well represented by their third and fourth graders at their track meet last week.  Good job to all those students who participated, and congratulations to the following students for placing in their events. 

Third Grade: 

400 Meters: Girls: 2nd place-Ava Anderson, 3rd place-Maddie Harris

Long Jump: Girls: 3rd place-Julia Walker

4x100 Realy: Girls: 1st place-Maddie Harris, Lydia Lamb, Ava Anderson, Brinley Baum 

                             2nd place-Julia Walker, LIna Hughes, Ambry Jacobson, McKenna Marshall

Fourth Grade:

50 Meter: Boys: 2nd place-Grady Pingel, 3rd place-Denver Spanheimer.

100 Meter: Girls: 1st place-Camryn Guest; Boys: 2nd place-Denver Spanheimer

200 Meter: Girls: 1st place-Camryn Guest, 3rd place-Ava Smith; Boys: 1st place-Denver Spanheimer

400 Meters: Girls: 1st place-Brynn Bailey, 3rd place-Averi Prior; Boys: 1st place-Reece Olsen, 3rd place- Asher Mecham

Long Jump: GIrls: 1st place- Andrea Johnson

Softball Throw: Girls: 1st place- Camryn Guest; Boys: 2nd place-Dominique Jex, 3rd place-Hagen Smith

4x100 Realy: Girls: 2nd place-Brynn Bailey, Andrea Johnson, Hailey Baker, Camryn Guest

                    Boys: 1st place- Denver Spanheimer, Grady Pingel, Jedi Nelson, Spencer Rigby

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