Halloween Celebrations

Hard to believe it has already been a week since Halloween, but it's never too late to post some cute pictures of all of the kiddies celebrating.  Halloween was a real treat for both students and teachers at Salem Elementary.  We all enjoyed the sunny, Halloween Day as we paraded around our school and the city block, and had classroom parties with lots of fun activities.  

Fourth Grade Visits Salem City Cemetery


Fourth graders walked up to the Salem City Cemetery last week to participate in several learning activities. Students used subtraction to solve and find how many years people lived, looked for people who had served in the military, and also tried to find the person who was born the earliest in history.  

Students observed the plants and animals that they saw, as well as the weather and clouds.  They also looked for unique designs on headstones and did pencil rubbings.

Community in the Past


2nd grade walked over to the Daughter's of the Utah Pioneer cabin.  We learned all about our community in the past.  We got to taste home churned butter and see lots of neat artifacts that children our age used to use.  It was a great learning experience



Fifth Grade learning about genetics and heredity and dominant and recessive traits with a fun Punnett Square activity.