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Red Ribbon Week

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on Mon, 10/22/2018 - 20:14

Red Ribbon Week is a nation wide event that takes place in public schools to promote a drug and alcohol free life style.  To celebrate Red Ribbon Week the students and staff at Salem Elementary participated in multiple events throughout the week including, a foot race and fashion show.  These events were accompanied by various dress-up days, such as all red day, silly sock day, and school spirit day.  Salem city emergency personnel also came to the school, including the police, ambulance, and fire truck.  The students had the opportunity to meet and talk to representatives from each of these departments.  This was a great experience for everyone and helped the students to become acquainted with people who are truly looking out for them.  Salem Elementary would like to thank our public service leaders, school staff and PTO for an informative and fun week!