Fossil Fun


Fourth graders had the privilege of having Seth Sorensen, from the district office, bring some fossils from his own collection to show and talk about.  It was an awesome way to review for end of year testing, but most of all really fun and interesting

Camp Floyd


Fifth-graders had the opportunity to visit old Camp Floydin Fairfield.  They learned more about the Pony Express, candle making, the old school house, military procedures, brick making, and the Old Inn.

Freedom Walk


The fifth graders in Nebo School District participated in a Freedom Walk sponsored by the American Legion.  During the freedom walk, students visited various stations and were taught about respecting the flag, they were able to visit with an Air Force pilot, and learn what it was like to be in the Navy.  Students were also able to display a picture of a friend and/or family memeber that they know that has served our country. We are so thankful for the opportunity to learn from these veterans and we thank them for their service!