School News

Red Ribbon Week: Emergency Responders Visit


Life Flight and Salem City's emergency responders visited our school's playground for Red Ribbon Week. Students were filled with excitement while anticipating the arrival of Life Flight.  Then, what an awesome sight it was, to watch the helicopter actually land on our school's field.  After it landed, students got an up close look at the helicopter and were able to learn a few facts about Life Flight.  Then at lunch, Salem City brought a fire truck, amublance, and police cars for students to see.



Halloween was a real treat for both students and teachers at Salem Elementary.  They all enjoyed the warm, sunny Halloween Day as they paraded around our school and the city block.

Pumpkin Time!


On Wednesday, Salem Elementary students received a wonderful surprise.  Harward Farms donated a pumpkin to each student in the school.  Students were grinning from ear to ear as they got to take a pumpkin home. Thank you Harward Farms!

Kindergarten Scientists


The Discovery Gateway Children's Museum visited the Kindergartners at Salem Elementary. The Kindergartners did potential energy experiments with push and pull. They had a great time being scientist

Salem Cemetery Learning Experience


Fourth graders walked up to the Salem City Cemetery last week to participate in several learning activities. Students used subtraction to solve and find how many years people lived, looked for people who had served in the military, and also tried to find the person who was born the earliest in history.  

Students observed the plants and animals that they saw, as well as the weather and clouds.  They also looked for unique designs on headstones and did pencil rubbings.

Utah's Native Tribes

Fourth graders have been learning that the history of Utah has been shaped by many diverse people, events, challenges, and ideas. 

A presenter from our district came to our school to teach students what the Native people of Utah contributed to our state and about their way of life.  

Students enjoyed learning more about and seeing artifacts from Utah's Native tribes.