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Salem Elementary Star Cards: October

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on Thu, 11/01/2012 - 13:02

Star Cards are given to students who are caught doing great things around our school.  These Salem Stars really shine: Dalton Holman, Alyssa Halcrow, Kensey Wright, Tyson Burk, Gavin Stewart, Lucius Holman, McKenzie Beddoes, Tyler Olson, Katelyn Nixon, Cassidy Yates, Addie Chase, Erin Nielsen, Tanner Rudd, Karley Slaugh, Sophia Cather, Grace Neves, Levi Murdock, Marlee Sorensen.

Pumpkins Arrive!

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on Wed, 10/24/2012 - 15:25
Jim Welburn
2012-10-24 10.35.30.jpg

On Wednesday, October 24, Salem Elementary students received a wonderful surprise.  Harward Farms donated a pumpkin to each student in the school.  Students were grinning from ear to ear as they got to take a pumpkin home.  Thank you Harward Farms!

National School Lunch Week

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on Mon, 10/22/2012 - 17:01

During School Lunch week, Salem Elementary students were able to share the goodness of school lunch with their families!  Thank you for all those who came, and especially thanks to our lunch ladies who work very hard to prepare lunch for our students each and every day!

Salem: Then and Now

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on Thu, 10/04/2012 - 10:44
Salem: Then and Now

On Tuesday, October 2, 2012, the Daughters of Utah Pioneer volunteers welcomed Salem Elementary second-graders to Heritage Park, located on the north-west end of Salem Pond.

In second-grade, students learn and examine important aspects of their community and how their community has changed over time.

Second Grade Community Field Trip

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on Wed, 10/03/2012 - 15:27
Alyse James and Nikki Savage
City Council

As part of their Community Helpers Unit in Social Studies, second-graders visited the Salem City Office, where they were able to participate in a mock city council meeting.  They learned about city councils and how they make laws for our city!  Students were introduced to the city council members through powerpoint, and informed on what each person was in charge of.  Then students were able to sit in those chairs, and were presented with a mock issue, heard oposing sides, and then voted on a decision.  It was lots of fun and very informative.

Salem Hills High School Choir

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on Wed, 10/03/2012 - 15:15
shhs choir

On Tuesday, October 2, Salem Elementary had the opportunity to visit Salem Hills HIgh School where they enjoyed a performance by the high school's choir.  Students look forward to these occasions, as many of them know and look up to several of the choir members.  Elementary students enjoyed all of the songs, but of course The Sky Hawk song is the favorite of many, and can be heard for days after being sung throughout the halls in our elementary school.

Salem Elementary Star Cards: August/September

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on Mon, 10/01/2012 - 09:11

Star Cards are given to students who are caught doing great things around our school.  These Salem Stars really shine: Riley Thatcher, Kristine Rhodes, Gavin Shepherd, Kylan Shepherd, Jessie Christensen, Grace Holley, Haylee Stewart, Brookely Orton, Mylee Jense, Jaden Holley, Aubrey Taylort, Emma Sackett, Jackson Eyre, Chloe Peterson, Caulyn Wilde, McKenzie Beddoes, Treyden Reynolds, Kiara Otiz, Charity Houghton, Trevin Ortrega, Hadi Olsen, Kylee Thornock.


Salem Elementary's Fall Family Carnival: Theme Basket Auction

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on Sun, 09/30/2012 - 21:08

The Fall Family Carnival is quickly approaching.  Each class will be picking a theme and bringing purchased items from hone to be placed in the baskets.  The baskets will then be auctioned off the night of the Fall famiy Carnival.  The class that earns the most mone during the auction for their baskets will receive a pizza/ice cream party!!  Themes have been decided by classrooms and items will be collected thru October 12th.  Please watch for your child's theme and thank you in advanc3e for your donated items.  

Book Exchange

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on Sun, 09/30/2012 - 20:57
Book Fair

Do you have books that are sitting on your shelf collecting dust?  Every month Salem Elementary does a book exchange.  Students are encouraged to bring a book from home that they no longer want.  In return they can exchange the book for a different book that they have not read or wish to read again.  These books are either new or used and it’s a great way to help students discover new books and encourage reading.


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