School News

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Albrecht


Mrs. Albrecht grew up in Richfield-and is the oldest of four girls.  She married her high school sweetheart and they have lived in Elk Ridge for 18 years.  She has four amazing kids: one in college, twins in high school, and a kindergartener.

Mrs. Albrecht loves taking vacations with her family, eating out, and playing board games.

Mrs. Albrecht graduated from BYU and her first teaching job was as a 2nd grade intern in Goshen.  She spent her years in the classroom as a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade teacher.  This is her 4th year as the instructional coach at Salem.

Utah County Stormwater Coalition

The Utah County Stormwater Coalition, a county-wide education program who's goal is to protect our waterways and enhance our quality of life, visited Salem Elementary fourth-graders. Students had fun learning about the common water pollutants and what they can do to help keep our lakes and streams clean.  

Integrating Dance and Movement


As part of the GAINS (Growing Arts In Nebo Schools) program, Salem Elementary 3rd-6th grade teachers have been dancing with their students!  Dance Integration, as with all Arts Integration, is a growing field that employs the arts to teach core concepts in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.  Nebo School District and Salem Elementary are honing their skills at Arts Integration!  3rd grade  danced as they learned about angles, rays, line segments, and end points.

Mr. Welburn's Read Aloud


Students look forward to the stories that our principal, Mr. Welburn shares with us.  This month he read Too Many Toys by David Shannon.  It is about a boy who has so many toys that it is time to give some away, but there is one toy he can't part with, and that is a box!  It was a fun story that reminded us that sometimes all we need to have fun is a little creativity and some imagination.


Mrs. Bailey

Fifth-graders are learning about the effects of drunk driving during NOVA with Officer Worwood.

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Bailey

Mrs. Bailey grew up in Littleton, Colorado until 6th grade.  Then she moved to Cottonwood Heights, Utah, where she attended junior high and Brighton High School.  She is the oldest of 4 kids.  

She married her husband Mark in 1995 and have 4 children: Amber (USU), Ty (9th), Brett (7th) and Brynn (4th). 

More Fossils in Fourth


Fourth-graders are learning even more about fossils!  One type of fossils they have learned about are fossils in which the organism is fully preserved in ice, amber, or tar.  To demonstrate students used a pipe cleaner and hot glue to represent an insect getting stuck in amber.  


Mrs. Van Ausdal

Kindergarten has been learning about penguins. We measured ourselves to an Emperor Penguin and practiced keeping an egg on our feet as daddy Emperor Penguins.