School News

Using Chromebooks in the Classroom


Our school's digital coach, Mr. Crockett, spends his time teaching students and teachers fun and educational ways to use Chromebooks in the classroom.  He is visiting fourth grade classrooms and teaching students to use Google Slides to create a personalized Jack-o-Lantern.  Students then typed a short story to go with their Jack-o-Lantern.  While doing so, students practiced paragraph writing as well as worked on their revising and editing skills.  Definitely a fun and educational way to integrate technology in the classroom!

National School Lunch Week


During  School Lunch week, Salem Elementary students were able to share the goodness of school lunch with their families!  Thank you for all those who came, and especially thanks to our lunch ladies who work very hard to prepare lunch for our students each and every day.

Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is a nation wide event that takes place in public schools to promote a drug and alcohol free life style.  To celebrate Red Ribbon Week the students and staff at Salem Elementary participated in multiple events throughout the week including, a foot race and fashion show.  These events were accompanied by various dress-up days, such as all red day, silly sock day, and school spirit day.

Remember to Vote


You can still register at  .  If you received a mail-in ballot, you can mail it or drop it off in person at locations provided here:  .

You can find a list of four Early Voting locations or vote on Election Day at twenty four locations found here: .