School News

Christmas Assembly


Salem Elementary's Christmas Assembly is a fun tradition that is always much anticipated by all students. Students sing Christmas songs as a grade level, and the fifth graders play their recorders.   This year we had a special surprise dance, "What Does the Reindeer Say," by the sixth graders. 

The assembly is also a time to reward students for their reading.  Students receive tickets throughout the year for their reading. Their tickets are entered into a drawing.  During the assembly names are drawn for prizes.

Second Grade Service Learning Project


The generousity of students from Mrs. James' and Mrs. Thatcher's second grade class touched the lives of many during this holiday season.

Parents and students generously donated fleece to make blankets, and then delivered the blankets to the Salem Beehive Home and to Latter Days Assisted Living in Santaquin.

Students sang Christmas songs, and then passed out the blankets to the residence of these homes.  Smiles were seen on all faces, both young and old.

 It was an experience all will remember and cherish!!


Turkey Gobbling Assembly


Every year it is a tradition for Salem Elementary to hold a Turkey Gobbling contest. There are two categories, gobble and strut, in which students can compete.  Grade level winners each took home a pumpkin pie! We definitely had a great time this year!! 

Salem Elementary Museum of Natural History

On the evening of November 14, the hard working 5th graders at Salem Elementary were on station and ready to come to life to present their annual “Night at the Museum” for parents and the community. This culminating activity had started a month and a half earlier, as each fifth grade student chose a famous person from history and then researched so they could do a biographical account on their famous person.

Veteran's Day Assembly


Salem Elementary students pay tribute to our Veterans in a Veteran's Day Assembly.   We thank our veterans for the sacrifices they made so that we may enjoy our freedom each and every day.

Halloween Parade


It was a "Boo"-tiful Halloween Day in Salem,  as the spooks, both students and teachers, paraded around our school and the city block.  

Mr. Welburn Reads to Students


It's always a treat for students to have a story read aloud to them by our principal, Mr. Welburn.  This month he read Mr. Peabody's Apples, a fun story that reminded us not to be so quick to judge others and to remember our words.  Mrs. Albrecht joined in on the fun and read a Halloween poem for two voices with Mr. Welburn.  We look forward to next month!