School News

Community Service in Support of Mini Miss USA

Salem Elementary fourth-grader, Lucy Moody, is currently Mini Miss USA 2014.  She is now in Turkey competing for the title of Little Miss World 2014.  As one of her pageant projects she taught her fellow fourth graders how to recycle and take care of our planet.  Then Lucy and all the fourth-graders walked over to Salem Pond to pick up trash.  Good luck Lucy!  We are glad we could help you and we wish you the best!

SEP Conferences Sept 24

The 24th of September marks our first SEP conferences for the year.  To sign up with your student's teacher, please follow the following links.  From there, you will choose a time with the appropriate teacher.

For the younger grades, 1-3,

For the upper grades, 4-6,

Second Grade Poetry Palooza

Salem Elementary second-graders work hard all year long writing different forms of poetry.  On May 15, parents were invited to come and watch students recite their poems, sing songs, and then watch a highlight movie.  Students did a wonderful job!

Fifth Grade Egg Drop


What an exciting day for fifth-graders!  Fifth grade students are encouraged to find a way to protect their egg from breaking when Salem City workers volunteer to come to the school and drop their eggs from way up high in the bucket.  It was fun watching and seeing all of the clever and creative ways that students came up with.  Their were several eggs that lasted to the last drop.  Great job students and a big thanks to the volunteers from Salem City for your help with this fun activity.

First Grade Patriotic Program


What's more American than first graders singing patritoic songs?  First graders sang their hearts out while performing for their parents.  All of their hard work and time practicing paid off, they sounded amazing and filled us all with a stronger feeling of patriotism.

PTO Year in Review


Parents and students were invited to attend the PTO year in review to watch a movie showing highlights from throughout the school year.  There was also a magician who entertained all with his amazing magic tricks.  It was a very fun night for all those who attended.

Second Grade Farm Field Day


Second Graders were very excited to visit Harward Farms for Farm Field Days.  Students enjoyed learning about agriculture in our home state of Utah.  We learned that milk comes from dairy cows,  hamburger comes from beef cows, eggs come from chickens, wheat grows in a field and is harvested and ground into flour, wool comes from sheep and is used to make clothing, and much, much more!   It was a fun day on the farm indeed!

Salem Elementary Star Cards: March


Star Cards are given to students who are caught doing great things around our school.  These Salem Stars really shine: Tagge Johnson, Alyvia Black, Cambrie Peterson, Janin Allan, Greyson Williams, Kensley Noyes, Durango Campbell, Reece Ashby, Andrea Johnson, Averi Prior, Allie Moore, Keeley Carter, Jarett Rogers, Maggie Van Orman, Reece Olsen, Lilie Mitchell, Brynn Heughly