School News

STAR Award: January


Students at Salem Elementary have taken on the challenge of being and doing something more than expected.  They have set their sights to become Stars.  Each student is given the opportunity to complete a set of goals and if accomplished they receive an award for their efforts.  The goals include everything from academics, social, and personal growth.  Students, parents and teachers work together to help students reach their goals.  The students have all year to earn the reward but these students got it done early.  As part of the award assembly, a student is chosen to showcase his/her talen

Penguins in Kindergarten

Peggy Van Ausdal

Kindergarten has been studying penguins. We measured ourselves, practiced holding eggs  on our feet like penguins, and huddled like penguins to keep warm. Our 4th grade buddies helped us study penguins.

Utah Symphony


Fourth graders showed up to school last Friday in their best dress anticipating the opportunity to attend a concert by the Utah Symphony Orhestra at Maple Mountain High School.  As students walked into the auditorium they were excited to see all the instruments and hear the musicians warming up.  During the concert students enjoyed familiar tunes, such as that from Sleeping Beauty, and participated in learning and clapping different beats per measure.  Students also learned how music can tell a story.

Winter Orchestra Concert


Twenty-nine sixth grade students from Salem Elementary and Mt. Loafer Elementary recently performed in their winter orchestra concert! They have been rehearsing before school for 2-3 days a week since September. They sounded awesome, and it was fun to get to share what they've been learning with their family and friends!

Happy Holidays!


Happy Holidays to all of our Salem Elementary families.  Enjoy your Christmas Break and we will see you in 2019! Featured art was painted by Salem fourth graders.

Christmas Sing Along

Students celebrated the coming of Christmas by gathering together for a Christmas Sing Along!  There was so much Christmas spirit at this assembly, that Santa Claus himself stopped by for a surprise visit!

Fifth Grade Recorder Concert


Fifth graders have been learnig how to play the recorder since October.  This past week they had a fun Christmas performance for their parents.  They also visited the other classes in the school to perform for the other students.