STAR Award: March 2017


The STAR Award is a set of grade level specific goals that students work towards accomplishing throughout the school year. There are several goals to choose from in the following categories: Academic, Responsibility, Healthy Lifestyle, Service, and Character.  Congratulations to the following students for all of their hard work earning the STAR Award this month.

Kindergarten: Carston Grange, Madelyn Sears, Jake Cornaby, Jayston Banks, Natalie Prettyman, Adam Carlisle, Tia Black, Javen Zufeit, Madison Short, Chase Weight, Will Davis, Paislee Carter, Austin Wybrant.

First Grade: Jaxon Topham, Tyler Hawkins, Ian Stokes, Cody Kolba, Leah Murdock, Danica Hughes, Evelyn Nielson, Scout Morgan, Chase Nixon, Judson Guest, Jaxon Derfler, Zoey Smith, Ian Francis, Roewon Wilde, Aspyn Lynn, Jacoby Allan, McKoy Bird.

Second Grade: Alice Faye Fox, Jesse Button, Ty McBride, Madison Davis, Lauren Peterson, Colton Cushing, Olivia Sears, Nikale Cornaby, Will Turner, Katie Carlisle, Abigail Kelley.

Third Grade: Kamry Prettyman, Aidon Hawkins, Ally Wybrant, Zavian Orton, Lina Hughes, Makenna Marshall, Lydia Lamb, Adam Snow, Kennedy Chase, Zach Davis, Binji Mauricette, Alex Healey.

Fourth Grade: Kenya Campbell, Marshall Peterson.

Fifth Grade: Maylee Cushing, Katelyn Nixon, Audrey Wybrant, Stefan Allan, Ava Thompson, Samantha Burk, Kenny Golding.

Sixth Grade: Cozette Lazarte, Grace Holley