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Sixth-Grade Hershey Track

Submitted by dorie.thatcher on Sat, 05/19/2012 - 11:03

Sixth-graders are in a hurry to go somewhere...they ran their hearts out sweeping the girls 400 meter dash!

100 Meter Girls: 3rd Place: Grace Perry, 200 Meter Girls: 2nd Place: Grace Holmgren, 400 Meter Girls: 1st Place: Lela Welch, 2nd Place: Arianna Ortiz, 3rd Place: McKenzie Slaugh, 400 Meter Boys: 2nd Place: Eli Wilcox, 800 Meter Boys: 3rd Place: Eli Wilcox, Softball Throw Girls: 1st Place: Lacy Perry, 2nd Place: Sydney Sorensen, Softball Throw Boys: 2nd Place: Jacob Rolfe, Girls Relay: 1st Place: Grace Perry, Sydney Sorensen, Cecily Yates, Lydia Johnson, Boys Relay: 3rd Place: Eli Wilcox, Shaun Compton, Hyrum Beals, Jacob Rolfe