Safety Update


Dear Parents,

We would like to update you on an incident that happened at recess on Wednesday, November 7th.  We apologize that this information is coming a few days late and would have liked to get it out sooner.  

On Wednesday afternoon, five 3rd grade boys were playing in close proximity to the playground fence, when a man in a silver car pulled up to the fence and called to the boys offering them candy.  The brave boys told him no and ran to a 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Dansie, who quickly radioed the office to call the police. Salem police quickly responded and sent out a message to all law enforcement in Salem to look for the vehicle and to patrol the Salem schools frequently.  Mrs. Findlay also increased adult supervision to ensure student safety.

We would like to thank the quick acting 3rd grade boys and teachers.  Also the office staff who quickly called the police and requested an investigation.  We are forever grateful to these actions which resulted in keeping students out of harm’s way.

Our next steps at the school are:

  • To continue to be vigilant in our supervision

  • To continue to train faculty and staff to react with a clear state of mind

  • To continue to talk with students about safety

  • To train students who they may go to for help in any situation

  • To continue to train students on how to react in various emergency situations


To help your children while at school, would you please:

  • Talk with your children about not talking to strangers

  • Talk with your children about the safe people at school to turn to when they need help

  • Establish a positive relationship as parents with your child’s teacher and other key people in the school

  • And anything else you think appropriate

Again, we are grateful this situation turned out okay, and that we were all able to learn from it.  We are asking for your support in helping us make Salem Elementary the safest place for students to learn.

Salem Elementary


Faculty & Staff