November 2015

Cookie Dough Fundraiser

This year our school is selling cookie dough.  We had a fun assembly to kick off the fundraiser with Mrs. Larson and Mr. Stutz, along with a couple of students, participating in a no-hands, cookie eating contest.  


Veteran's Day


Salem Elementary students pay tribute to our Veterans in a Veteran's Day Assembly.   We thank our Veterans, and all the men and women who are now serving our country, for their sacrifice so that we may enjoy our freedom each and every day.

Story Time With Our Principal

It was story time with Mr. Welburn on Friday.  The book this month was Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners, by Laurie Keller.  Students enjoyed listening to the story about a bunny who had some otter neighbors move in.  The bunny thought that because they were different, they wouldn't be nice neighbors. Throughout the story, the bunny got to know them.  In the end, he found out they were actually great people and neighbors.  

The following are lessons students said they learned from the story:



Thank-o-grams are coming up!  This is always a fun way to tell someone thanks.  They will be available for purchase on the mornings of November 20-24, and cost $0.25 for one, or five for $1.00.  

Star Cards


Congratulations to the following students for earning Star Cards: jaydince Atwood, Aspen Campbell, Eli Hansen, Hunter Courtney, Ally Wybrant, Ethan McBride, Chelsea Halcrow, Jentrie O'Bannon, Mae Caras, Dakota Gilbert, Spencer Bowles, Johnny Davies, Carson Gillette, Ambree Jacobsen, Becham Shepherd, Avery Miner, Tagger Johnson, Scout Sumner, Ty Ware, Braxton Johnson, Braden Bingham, Nicole James, Olivia Knapp, Evan Wilde, Jalee Bullock, Ethan Vidoni, Mason Hansen, LInda Hughes, Jayda Kimber, Rylie Swinford, Kamry Prettyman, Gideon Anderson, Emmy Spencer, Kylee Thornock.

Jump Rope Assembly


There was excitment in the air when  Just Jumpin jump roping team performed for our school in an assembly yesterday.  With cool tricks and routines performed to some of the most popular music on radio, students were amazed and completely entertained.  

Salem Elementarty students commented: "It was thrilling!"  "It was really cool to see them do all of their tricks!" "It was the best assembly yet!" "They were really talented!"  "Their tricks were stunning!"



A beautiful day for a Halloween parade.  Thanks for all of those who came and lined the streets to cheer us on.