Only Rain in the Drain!


The 4th graders attended a presentation given by the Utah County Stormwater Coalition on Tuesday. The purpose of this presentation was to review the water cycle, to better educate our students about our watershed area, our role in water use and conservation, and some of the sources of storm water pollution.  Ask your 4th grader to share some of the great things they learned about our water supply today!

Sunflowers in Bloom

You won't just find beautiful sunflowers along the roadside, you might also run in to a few in the fourth grade hall as well.  Students did a fantastic job painting these sunflowers and writing poems about sunflowers using their five senses.  Makes for a "sun-sational" display in our hallway!

Verbs Make Writing Come to Life!


Fourth graders are learning about verbs and how to use strong verbs in their writing.  Since Halloween is soon approaching, what better way to teach using strong verbs than to burry some of our overused verbs.  RIP boring and weak verbs, our new verbs are quite lively.  Using strong and interesting verbs will make writing come to life!